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Spend time fixing bugs, not reproducing them

When customers send feedback to software developers, it often results in a long laborious process to reproduce and diagnose the problem.

UserMetrix combines application analytics with traditional error reporting, to determine the most likely reproduction steps for software issues. This allows software developers to focus on actually fixing problems, rather than reproducing them.

How do customers really use your product?

UserMetrix analyses the usage of your software, helping you understand how people engage with your product - for example, is it used occasionally for long periods of time, or in short bursts more frequently?

You can also learn what operating systems are being used, and which are the most popular versions of your software.

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Learn what frustrates users

Many traditional feedback approaches only allow people to report problems when software crashes. This means that vital information is easily lost when error reports are not sent.

UserMetrix is always monitoring your software for problems, automatically capturing crash reports. When UserMetrix is integrated with a ‘shake’ gesture or ‘panic’ button it can even collect information about when people are frustrated or confused, allowing you to engineer better user experiences.

Focus development on what matters most

Developing an application and knowing what to fix or implement next can be tricky business. Prioritising issues by severity is time consuming and often involves lots of guesswork.

UserMetrix helps Product Managers by prioritising development on importance, so you can focus on features and fix problems that affect the most people.

Screenshot of reproduction steps report

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NICTA logoUserMetrix is the result of research and development undertaken by National ICT Australia (NICTA).

Established in 2002, NICTA is a national organisation with five laboratories in four Australian cities.

UserMetrix has collected

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  • 225 thousand errors